Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Blogs of Note

TA Steve Zillwood recommends the following two blogs.

Making Light is run by the husband and wife team of Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden, who are the editors for Tor Books in New York. A very well-written and topical blog, covering aspects of the publishing industry, current events, writers and
writing, and tons of other oddball items of interest - and the best part is often the comments after each post.

The second is Neil Gaiman's blog. I think that a fair number of our students will be familiar with him, largely because he has written in so many forms over the past couple of decades (novels, comics, radio plays). He too covers a lot of topical information and news items, with a focus on writing and writers.
Mr. Zillwood also recommends a third, but you will need to contact him individually for that url.

A blog I like recently is The Imaginary Journal of Poetic Economics by an SFU employee, Heather Morrison. It is worderfully bloggy: varied, literary, informative.

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