Saturday, January 13, 2007

Mid-term Essay: Schedule

Here is the arrangement and the schedule of dates for the Mid-Term Essay, fifteen hundred words and revisions. The assignment is worth twenty percent of the Course grade, of which five percent is for the draught and fifteen percent for the revision.

Five-week writing circuit:

  1. Course week five, Monday February 5th: Choice of topics posted on the blog
  2. Course week six, Wednesday February 14th: draught copy due in lecture.
  3. Course week eight, Monday February 26th: draught returned with comments & grade.
  4. Course week ten, Monday March 12th: final revision due in lecture.

There are, then, a full three course weeks to analyse the paper and the writing process and discuss with TA if required.


Anonymous said...

where are the topics for the mid- term essay posted ? I can't seem to find them if anyone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated =) thnx in advance!

Dr. Stephen Ogden said...

Well, according to this post, they aren't due for another three days!

Anonymous said...

For essay topic #2, can you define what you mean by "real-world success". Thank you.

Dr. Stephen Ogden said...

By real-world success I mean success in the real world. That is, university teaches skills that promote success in real-- i.e. outside the ivory tower of academia -- enterprise and activity. In Statistics, the ability to calculate practical probabilities in daily life, for instance. So too, mutatis Mutandis for English: command of written & spoken language, analysis of written text, knowledge of character, &c. &c. were the type of skill mentioned in lecture.
Hope that helps. Best,

Anonymous said...

how many marks does the essay go up after revision ???

Dr. Stephen Ogden said...

Dear Anonymous:

Your TA will give you the full grading grid in hard copy. I'll also blog it up into the main post.

(The mark for your first copy is fixed: it is a certain proportion of the total assignment grade.)