Sunday, January 7, 2007

Vancouver Short Stories: Assigned

The first of the the short fiction to be lectured on from the Gerson collection are as follows. You will find the Table of Contents on page ix. We will then return to the remaining short stories in the book desultorily.

Grainger: "In Vancouver"
Johnson: "The Two Sisters" & "Siwash Rock"
Livesay: "A Cup of Coffee"

Carr: "Sophie"
Lowry: "Gin and Goldenrod"
Munro: "Forgiveness in Families"

Choy: "The Jade Peony"
Lee: "Broken Teeth"

Ideally, you will read all the stories and find one or two that you have a strong and personal reaction to. This will be advantageous during your seminar work.

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Sam said...

When should we have all these read by?