Tuesday, January 16, 2007

How to Blog: Wednesday run-through

Tomorrow's lecture I'll run through the simple mechanics of setting up a blog through Google. Try it yourself at www.blogger.com

UPDATE: For a good virtual tutorial on "How to Setup a Blog "at blogger.com, click here.
[Hint: Throughout the tutorial, ignore the "CREATE A BLOG" button and use CONTINUE.]

UPDATE 2: Use the Comments section of this post to exchange blogger tips, ask & answer questions, offer advice, &c.

[PS: prize for the person who identifies the relevancy of the image here.]

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Jared said...

Thanks for the blog tutorial!

My TA, Jon, assigned the blog project in class this week. He mentioned that we will need to set up "authors" so all group members can contribute their individual pieces. I don't think this part was covered in class today. I'm not sure if other tutorial groups have the same project, but if they do, this might help them get started. All you have to do is click on settings (on the main blog page when you log in), then on the Permissions tab, click add authors, and you can write a list of e-mails of people you want as authors. Piece of cake!