Thursday, January 11, 2007

Lecture: student query

A student has sent a question about the relationship given in lecture between "....literature vs journalism vs autobiography." Anyone care to clarify this formulation? Use the comments function, below.


insanity said...

I consider that these three style
have their own different focus. The jouralism mainly focuses on a particular event,whereas the literature based on the social,historical circumstance pays more attention to people. The autobiography is developed by oneself experience.
Am I right?

Dr. Stephen Ogden said...

Dear "Instanity": good analysis! The question, then, is how is "In Vancouver" different from journalism.

insanity said...

That is not easy to say to me.But I can sense something.
Firstly, if it was a journalism, the title should tell audience exactly what is the purpose.But,IN VANCOUVER as an title,it could be food in Vancouver or architecture,etc.

Secondly,the journalism is a sort of instant message.It can answer when,where,who and what happened. Also,the causes of event,the course of event and the results is necessary. However, I can not find out these factors clearly in this article.
Thirdly, the second person" YOU" is used in the article a lot.It makes audiences feel very close to the author and the social circumstance at that time.It lights up the realism.
Finally,there are many comparison and details which are main methods of making a literature. ie: the comparison of different class people.

audacity said...

in my humble opinion...

journalism is different from "In Vancouver" because of the narration per-se. journalism narrates in such a tone whereas it is always backed-up by facts/factoids, while the story in itself fits the branch of feauture writing, a narration composed of nostalgic desriptance of any kind with the use of rich vocabulary and thorough display of events. i think what insanity is trying to depict is that journalism is news writing, which is partially right, for it can also mean other aspects such as editorial writing to sports writing. in conslusion, i could somehow list the same number of simmilarities to the number of differences in journalism and "In Vancouver", for both are seperated in such a way that they are also combined. ironic.

Anonymous said...

I see journalism as writing that reports on news. The writing can be biased but the substance should be based on fact. "In Vancouver" may contain a selection of stories based on fact but the author can embellish as he/she so wishes. The truth does not have to interfer with a good story.

Dr. Stephen Ogden said...

Dear "Insanity":

Hmm....what then do you do with CBC News' Dan Rather and his "Fake but Accurate" news story?