Sunday, January 7, 2007

Course Syllabus

English 101: Introduction to Fiction
Spring 2007

"Books, Blogs & The Terminal City.
Imag[in]ing Fiction in an e-text Age: the Vancouver Experiment"

Course Syllabus & Information

This syllabus provides the reading schedule for English 101, Spring 2007. If you are up-to-date with readings, you will be ahead of lecture. Note, however, that this schedule is not a Procrustean bed : week by week, lecture will follow the developing class interests and course dynamic; covering, na'theless, all material -- superbly, might I add -- by the conclusion of week thirteen.

The specific assignments for seminar work will be set and handed out by your TA in tutorial.

Course Texts and Reading Schedule:
Vancouver Short Stories Click here for More Information >>>
January 8th & 10th
January 15th & 17th

The Innocent Traveller
January 22nd & 24th
January 29th & 31st
Always Now
February 5th & 7th

February 12th & 14th
Hey Nostradamus!
February 19th & 21st

February 26th & 28th
All Tomorrow’s Parties
March 5th & 7th
March 12th & 14th
March 19th & 21st

Blog Analysis, Review, and prep. for Group Project & Final Exam
March 26th & 28th
April 2nd & 4th
Final Exam

April 10th

Blog Reading Assignments Set in Lecture.
See support material available on Library Reserve.

Assignment Deadlines.
Nb: There is a four percent per day late penalty for assignments, documented medical or bereavement leave excepted. For medical exemptions, provide a letter from a physician on letterhead which declares his or her medical judgement that illness or injury prevented work on the essay. The letter must cover the entire period over which the assignment was scheduled and may be verified by telephone. For any matter effecting deadlines, consult with the TA in person and before the assignment period.

1. Mid term paper, fifteen hundred words. Emphasis will be equally on literary analysis and writing mechanics:
2. Group e-text writing project: TA handout.
3. Individual class presentation: TA handout.
4. Final exam: Tu. April 10th 08:30 – 11:30 am. See GoSFU “View my Exam Schedule” for Room Number.

Course Approach

Read the material well in advance at least once, attend lectures & seminars and participate in seminar discussion, and you’re halfway to success.

Course requirement weighting:
10% Course participation
15% Seminar presentation
20% Group e-Text project
20% Mid-term paper (approx. 1500 words)
35% Final examination

Nb: “Participation requires both participation in seminar and attendance and punctuality at lecture and seminar."

Instructor Contact:
Office Hours: AQ 6094 -- Monday & Wednesday: 10:30-3:00, Tuesday & Thursday: 1:30-3:00. Bring your coffee and discuss course matters freely. E-mail to Please only use your SFU account for e-mail contact. Other e-Mail accounts are blocked by white-list.


wsim said...

quick question: are the notes going to be posted here as well? thanks

Dr. Stephen Ogden said...

In a word, nope. Lecture notes aren't posted nor are the lectures taped. It's just like the old days ;--)

Anonymous said...

How much of the The Innocent Traveller should we read for the lecture on Monday, or should we have the entire book read by January 22

Dr. Stephen Ogden said...

As much as you like (it's a very short book ;--) Just be done by the 31st...

Anonymous said...

What poems should we be reading from Always Now?

I looked on your blog but I couldn't find where it said what to read.


Dr. Stephen Ogden said...

Uhhm... How about the post titled "Always Now: Assigned Reading"?