Monday, January 22, 2007

PS: More on Lowry

Some interesting comments developing in the Comments to the previous post, notably on the real pleasure of hatred when reading.
(I really object to the one that says I was "over the top" in lecture. No effing way.
Update: I'm only kidding here! I mean that I am over the top on purpose-- and more to come ;--)

Another on Famous Literary Drunks, with a great Dylan Thomas anecdote. Let's start a collection. I add Brendan Behan: off the top of my head I remember he called himself "a drinker with a writing problem," and an obituray said he was "too young to die, too drunk to live."


Akshay said...

No offence meant witht the "over the top" suggestion. I guess everyone has different opinions.

Dr. Stephen Ogden said...

Dear Akshay: See post update -- I was being funny -- no offense taken!

andrew said...

there was one drunk who stands head and shoulders above all other drunks.

this is astonishing...

anybody want a peanut?