Thursday, March 29, 2007

Nanotechnology Alberta

From the Vancouver Sun
EDMONTON -- A shiny new building rises from the snowy campus of the University of Alberta, a brash, imposing upstart amid the older faculties of physics, chemistry and engineering....
Welcome to the brave new world of nanotechnology, where for the first time in human history, scientists, once relegated to theorizing about atoms and molecules, can now touch, see and even manipulate some of the smallest particles in nature.


J. A. Ching said...

if nanotechnology is the new world, then are people not like six year olds. We move so quickly forward in the computer-age, while leaving behind anyone and everyone that can't keep up. Most of the world's population lacks any idea of what nanotechnology is or purpose. sure scientists can touch, see and manipulate small particles, but what the hell is the point if we can't even fix old human history. I say pathetic human nature. pathetic in every aspect that with even todays technology we can't create peace and utopia in anyway. We seek the means to destroy all order and bring chaos, then we pack up our bags and leave it that way finding comfort in exploitations in other distractions. being a techy i love the idea of nanites, but human suffering should not still be a problem, especially with what history seems to be warning.

retrodeathpixie said...

but if history is nodal, then we are changing it by creating new 'distractions'. i'm inclined to believe that 'chaos' is the natural order of things anyways, anything we cannot easily understand is labled chaos. this may or may not be acid talk but bear with me. the only way we can 'fix' the future is by ensuring that the future holds the means to prevent old mistakes from re-occuring. you must admit that the emergence of a post human entity is doing just that. we can never re-write history, only re-distribute it...hmmm