Sunday, February 11, 2007

Example Student Outline for Topic #2

Update: please feel free to bring hard-copy outlines and draughts to my capacious Office Hours for advice & discussion (as this classfellow did.) Your TA likewise will welcome your visit to their Office Hours. ["Hello 101: I'm listening....."]

Here is one student's rough, point-form, outline used to run a tentative essay idea by the instuctor.
More than nostalgia ->Important
- part of what shapes our personality
- reflection
- new life experience incorporating story ideas
- discover meaning in life *childhood, teenage life, adulthood)
- engages your mind
- rejuvenating
- discoveries
- memories
I like this type of Preliminary Outline because it is the result of some sustained reflection, and it represents an effusion of ideas: the advantage being that it avoids writers' block -- thinking too hard about precise formulation without having an outline to work from -- and allows the Instructor to simply hone down, rather than try to build up from an unknown foundation.


Adam Nowek said...

So much for being the only one writing about nostalgia...

Dr. Stephen Ogden said...

Dear Adam: You've opened the floodgates ....

Adam Nowek said...

I think I can take solace in being the only one to reference Canada's best songwriter, John K. Samson.