Thursday, February 15, 2007

Student Rebuttal

Classfellow A.M. sends this stimulating comment on Wednesday's lecture:

I absolutely despise poetry. In my humble opinion, the poetry we are doing is being over-analyzed. Im sure there are others who agree with me when I say that, maybe the poet did not have anything more to say. For example, in "Cement Worker....", yield", as you said is a yellow sign and emphasizes the almost synesthesia-like description of colour throughout this book. However, I think that you were possibly the only person in the entire lecture hall who thought of it that way. Of course, your thought is what counts being our professor, but I think that maybe, its just a simple poem, without five hundrer million deeper meanings. Or maybe its just my hate for poetry that is coming to the surface.
To the charge of over-analysis, I reply, à la one of Archie Bunker's malapropisms, "Now listen here, I resemble that remark!" And as you know, I think that hating something literary is clean & good: lukewarm indifference is the only response that I regret being the cause of.

More to come on my reply to this ....

My thanks to A.M. for the sincere & respectful engagement.

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